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  Located in Lujiazui area, covering an area of 437,700 square meters of Shanghai Shipyard began the overall relocation to 2005, all personnel and equipment transferred to Chongming Island. The same year. China Shipbuilding Industry Group and CITIC Pacific have signed a strategic cooperation agreement for regional development in the former Shanghai Shipyard site, known as the "Lujiazui River City". According to the plan, it was originally used for launching 10,000 tons of ships. The repaired deck (cement slope near the river) and the old factory will be rebuilt into Lujiazui Exhibition Center. In 2014, OMA successfully obtained the right to design the project, and the following year, the project officially started. Shanghai Lujiazui Binjiang City


    Exhibition Center is located in the Shanghai Pudong north end of the latest development zone, the entire development zone along the Huangpu River. It is one of the most iconic waterfront scenery in the world. The project is located in the former Shanghai shipyard area and has a long history in shipbuilding. The new exhibition center is arranged on the ramp of the old shipyard. Bring rich and colorful activity space to this financial district. Design features: OMA design. The Lujiazui Harbour City Exhibition Centre, Shanghai Lujiazui Exhibition Center. Very industrial. Grid facades, exposed steel structures. Reflecting the history of the site as a part of the shipyard, architects responded to the once familiar scene of the plot with an industrial style-the hull in process. The building area was 1500 square meters.

  Lujiazui Exhibition Center is a special building in the City of Binjiang. In the surrounding financial office buildings, it will strengthen the functions of culture, rest, activities (for film screenings, fashion shows and concerts). Become a popular public building along the Huangpu River. The architectural design and material selection of Lujiazui Exhibition Center are closely related to the industrial history of the base. The steel structure will also be exposed. This design echoes the ship's unbuilt shape in the history of the base.

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