Commercial Disney Cable Bridge
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Details description

  Walt Disney's "Fantasia engineers in the design of the global Disney theme park, pay special attention to the experience of visitors, often through the road name, signage, landscaping and other details of the arrangement, let visitors arrived at the resort from the moment they immersed in the" Magic Kingdom ".

Disney is located in the Shanghai international tourism resort Star Park side, on the south side of the winding boardwalk toward the far end of the lake, the two seat arc curve bridge, like elegant ribbon, flying in the blue sky; and as a beautiful rainbow, elegant in the rippling lake. Two bridges were also a dream a name: Fantasy romance bridge, bridge.

This is not an ordinary bridge. If you have the opportunity to visit the site, will find that these two bridges were spliced by the main auxiliary bridge, the main bridge 6 meters wide, 3 meters wide. The deputy vice bridge bridge is actually transparent glass, walk in the above, as if the air waves! Even more amazing is that the main vice the bridge is a circular curve with different radius, only in the middle part are connected by step assembly; main and auxiliary bridge slope height and slope is not the same, when walking there will be a dynamic visual experience.
"This is the first Chinese space curved beam unilateral suspension bridge, because more than the current world in the similar bridge width, as well as the complex main auxiliary bridge of split structure, a similar bridge in the world. The first" Shen Di Group Shanghai chendi Project Management Limited company chief engineer Pang Xuelei said. When the bridge, the bridge of fantasy in the transverse direction, longitudinal, three dimensions are vertical curve, the design and the construction process is very complex. Many components and nodes on the bridge, such as the use of traditional 2D drawings, will be difficult to accurately express, even unable to express, and with the help of the latest BIM (building information model) technology, not only accurate to solve the complex problem of bridge space expression structure, but also saves construction cost, improve the quality of the project.

Came to the bridge in the romance scene, the central station, you can clearly see far away Disney castle stands tall tower and the style of Disney Town, or hanging out of a steel cantilever bridge based on auxiliary bridge, through the anti slip glass arc bridge, quietly watching the foot clear water flow, the lake in the distance, like waves, in the cable is refreshing. At night, floodlights illuminate the slender, gently pull up to the main bridge, embedded LED lights in the armrest, the auxiliary bridge deck glass played like a fairy tale world sparkling fireworks. It is said that until midnight, standing on the bridge in the sky, colorful fireworks and dancing Lake deformation the color of the reflection, as modern abstract painting, glittering, pavilions. People can not help but wonder: the construction technology of modern BIM technology, to dare to think of fairy tale dreams into reality!

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