Commercia International Business District(Facade)
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  Tiandi foreshore international business district located in the northeast of Jiyang, along the road, a total construction area of 440 thousand square meters, the future will become Shanghai third central business district, the centralization of the "transition type" corporate headquarters office base, an important foreign modern service industry headquarters, as a major public transit station, become waterfront recreation and leisure destination.  
The project is divided into five phases of development, and has been launched in August last year, the construction of a project. The start of the two phase of the project total construction area of nearly 130 thousand square meters (including underground), contains 2 building 100 meters high tower and four podium, is expected to be completed by the end of 2017.
There is a project on the West three storey commercial district, open square to provide public outdoor space enough for all residents, so that they can enjoy the space to relax at lunch and after work. The design of Roof garden and the balcony not only brings vitality, while the business center integration with the surrounding environment. To design for pedestrians center, Flyover Office Tower is arranged in two layers, so that people can move quickly in the development project. The bridge will be surrounded by a glass window, roof podium overlooking the bottom, strengthen the core part and the visual contact.
There are two first class office buildings with 135 meters high in the east of the project. The building of the office tower is made of glass and stainless steel. There are various materials in the skirt floor to ensure the diversity of the space, including ceramic plate, metal plate and glass curtain wall, so as to demonstrate the evolving architectural language.

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